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Revenue Analytics User Roles


There are two types of user roles available within AriaRA:

  • Users can run Shared Reports and save Custom Reports to the My Reports folder.
  • Power Users can create Shared Reports and save them to the Shared Reports folder.. 

Shared Objects Folder

All AriaRA users see a folder that has the name <client_name> Shared Reports, which is a subfolder of the Shared Reports area. Objects in this folder are available for use by all AriaRA users from the same client.

  • All users assigned roles that include AriaRA permission have read access to this folder. They can also run Shared Reports stored in this folder, and can save Custom Reports to the My Reports folder.
  • Power users have read/write/delete access to the Shared folder, and can place shared reporting objects in it, as well as organize it with subfolders. They can also create Shared Reports and save them to the Shared Reports folder.

Getting Here: Click Analytics and Reporting > AriaRA

Managing Folders

Power users can create a new folder by completing the following steps:

Getting Here: Click Analytics and Reporting > AriaRA

  1. Click the client shared folder to view its contents.

Note: You can only create folders and subfolders from within the client shared folder.

  1. Click Create > New Folder
  2. The Create Folder dialog box opens.

  1. Enter a folder name and description and click OK. The folder is created.

You can copy, move, rename or delete a folder by right-clicking it and selecting the option you want from the menu. You can only perform these functions on folders and subfolders within the client shared folder.

Report and Dashboard Tools

Users with the AriaRA power user role have access to additional reporting capabilities through an Aria integration with MicroStrategy. The following prompts access the MicroStrategy interface for advanced capabilities.

  • Create > New Dashboard: Allows you to create customized dashboards based on reports.
  • Create > New Report > check View report in Design Mode: Provides a range of tools to create reports.
  • Create > New Prompt: Allows you to create data collection prompts so users can dynamically create a report based on their inputs.
  • Create > New Filter: Allows you to select different types and ranges of data to include on a report.

Full documentation for this functionality is available on the MicroStrategy documentation website. You can access this documentation by clicking the question mark icon in the upper-right corner of the AriaRA UI.

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