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Custom Groups


Custom Groups are user-defined groupings of attribute elements made up of a collection of components called custom group elements, each consisting of a header and one or more qualifications that must be met for data to be included in the custom group element.

Create A Custom Group

Getting Here: Click Create > New Custom Group

  1. On the Custom Group Editor screen, enter a name for your custom group and then select New custom group element.

  1. In the Condition Editor, select a condition to use to filter data by selecting an attribute or metric, then specifying the approprate options. In the following example, "Master Plan" has been selected.

  1. When you have finished defining the condition, click OK. The condition is added as an element to the custom group.

  1. Click Save. The Save As dialog opens. Select a folder and enter a name and description for your custom group.

  1. Click OK. A confirmation message tells you that the custom group has been saved.

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