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Custom Dashboards


In addition to the standard dashboards provided within AriaRA, you can create custom dashboards from standard or custom reports. You must be assigned to the Power User role to create a custom dashboard.

Create a Custom Dashboard

Getting Here: Click Create > New Dashboard

  1. Select a report category from the drop-down menu, and then select a folder that contains the report to use to create the dashboard. Click Next.

  1. Select a report you want to use to create the dashboard and click Next.

  1. Select the metrics to generate the dashboard. For more information, see Running a Report. Click Run Dashboard when you have selected your criteria.

  1. Select a Visualization for the report. You can select either a grid view or a graph view.

  1. Select the type of visualization within the category you selected. You can position your mouse over each selection to see a tooltip with the name of the visualization type. The options displayed here are dependent on the type of visualization you selected in the previous step.

  1. Click a visualization type. The dashboard displays. You can use the options to the left of the dashboard to further refine its appearance. Options vary depending on the type of visualization you selected.

  1. Click the Save button to save your dashboard. You can specify the folder where you want to save it, the name, and a text description. You can also specify the type of prompt you want to see when you view the dashboard. This determines if you want to use the same metrics to display the dashboard that you set up in step 3 or different ones.

  1. Click OK when you are done. The dashboard is saved to the location you specified.
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