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Subscribe to Reports and Documents


Subscriptions allow you to track and view reports and other documents. These reports and documents may be scheduled for automatic delivery to your History List and your My Subscriptions page. These deliveries can be set up to take place on a regular schedule or when specific events occur. 

If you schedule a report or document to be sent to a folder on your network, you can choose to divide the data into multiple files based on the attributes used to group data in the report or document before delivery. This includes documents with multiple layouts, provided that each layout contains the attributes used to break up the document. 

Subscribing to Reports and Documents

To subscribe to reports and other documents in AriaRA:

  1. Select a report category from the Reports dashboard to view its corresponding reports and dashboards. In this example, the Usage Reports category is selected.


  1. Hover over the desired report or document with your mouse to display additional options.
  2. Click Subscriptions.


  1. On the My Subscriptions page, click Add history list subscription to subscribe to the report.


The Subscription screen displays, allowing you to define its details.


  1. From the Schedule drop-down list, select the frequency to automatically deliver the report. 

  2. Upon defining the start date, end date, and plan values, click OK.

  3. To verify that you are subscribed to the report or document, at the top of the page, select My Subscriptions. A list of the reports and documents to which you are subscribed displays.

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