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Creating Custom Report Filters


This feature allows you to create additional report filters, beyond the standard set provided, that you can use when running a report. You must be assigned to the Power User role to create, edit or delete a custom report filter.

Create a New Report Filter

Use the following steps to create a new report filter.

Getting Here: Click Create > New Filter


The Report Filter screen opens. Any existing filters display in the right pane of the window.

  1. Use either the drop-down menu or the navigation tree to navigate to the object or attribute you want to use as a report filter.


  1. Click and drag the element to the right pane of the screen. The report filter is displayed in the list.


  1. Use the drop-down menu and data entry field to establish the parameters for the filter. Click Apply when you are finished.


The filter is now available when you run reports. To access it, run the report wizard, making sure you leave Edit in Design Mode checked. When you edit the report you can either browse to the folder where you saved the filter and drag it to the filter section of the report, or right click it and select Add to Filter Definition.

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