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Advanced Reporting Features


The following advanced reporting features are available in AriaRA:

Attribute Drilling

Attribute drilling is the act of navigating across different levels of granularity from the starting point of the default report level to explore the same metrics with more or less detail. To drill on an attribute:

  1. Click on the report row you want to drill on.
  1. Mouse over the attribute you want to drill on and right-click to display the Drill Menu.

  1. Click on of the attribute you would like drill down/up/across on to execute a new report. A new report with the requested level of detail is returned.

Metric Drilling

Compound metrics in AriaBI are defined using other metrics. In the same way that attribute drilling can show the same metrics at a different level of detail, metric drilling reveals the individual components used in a calculation. Compound metrics that can be drilled into are shown with a link in their metric name.

To drill into a compound metric, click on the link on the metric name, a new report with the detailed metric components is returned.

Changing the Graph Format

To switch from the default graph type to a different format in any dashboard:

  1. Mouse over the graph and right click to display the menu.

  1. Click Format and change the graph type and/or subtype.
  2.  Click OK to apply your changes. The graph format type is updated.
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