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Report Filter Prompts

Start Date and End Date

The Start Date and End Date prompt provides the time filter criteria for all reports and dashboards. The list below contains the available filter options for both Start Date and End Date prompts:

  • Specific Date
  • Current Day
  • Yesterday
  • Tomorrow
  • Seven Days Prior
  • Seven Days Future
  • Beginning of Current Month
  • End of Current Month
  • Beginning of Current Quarter
  • End of Current Quarter
  • Beginning of Current Year
  • End of Current Year
  • Beginning of Prior Month
  • End of Prior Month
  • Beginning of Prior Quarter
  • End of Prior Quarter
  • Beginning of Prior Year
  • End of Prior Year
  • One Month Prior
  • 16th of Prior Month
  • 15th of Current Month
  • 2nd of Prior Month
  • 1st of Current Month

Revenue Currency Prompt

The Revenue Currency prompt determines the currency or currencies in which the revenue metrics are displayed in a report or dashboard. The available options are:

  • Master Currency: The default currency for your company as configured in Aria.
  • Local Currency: The local currency in which the underlying transactions took place.
  • USD: U.S. Dollars.

Plan Prompt

The Plan prompt allows reports to be filtered by one or more plans.

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