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Run a Report

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This article provides the information to create reports in Aria Revenue Analytics (AriaRA).

Running a Report

Getting Here: Click Analytics and Reporting > AriaRA 2.0 

  1. Navigate to the appropriate folder and click the desired report name.
  2. Before running a report, you must define metrics to configure the report data that will be analyzed within
    the various filter prompt fields.
  3. Provide a name for the report in the Report Message Name field.
  4. Click Run Report

Aria processes your request and provides a report based on the defined report metrics.

Note: If the "Wait Page" appears as your report is processing and you want to perform other tasks in AriaRA, you can automatically save a copy of the report to your History List, where it appears after processing is complete. You can then view the report in the History List at any time. This does not negatively affect report processing.

  1. To save a copy of the report to your My Reports folder, click the Save icon in the toolbar, or click Home > Save/Save As.
  2. To export the report results, click the Export icon in the toolbar, or click Home > Export and select the desired file type. Available export file types include:
  • PDF
  • Excel with plain text
  • CSV file format
  • Excel with formatting
  • HTML
  • Plain text
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