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Reports provide insight into your business, allowing you to analyze data and make more informed business decisions. Aria Revenue Analytics (AriaRA) offers a broad range of reporting capabilities, with both pre-configured and customizable reports. Pre-configured operational reports, data integration reports, and fully customizable reports can be filtered by any business attribute including, but not limited to:

  • account hierarchy
  • revenue amount and type
  • geography
  • time period
  • account status
  • type of service

There are two types user roles available within AriaRA. These roles determine what reporting capabilities are available to you:

  • Users can run Shared Reports and save Custom Reports to the My Reports folder.
  • Power Users can create Shared Reports and save them to the Shared Reports folder.  

The content in this section provides the information necessary for you to design, create, and modify business reports and
reporting objects using AriaRA. 

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