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Create a Dashboard

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This article explains how to create a dashboard in Aria Revenue Analytics.

Running a Dashboard

Getting Here: Click Analytics and Reporting > AriaRA

  1. Browse to the appropriate folder and click the desired dashboard name.
  2. Before running a dashboard, you must first define metrics to configure the dashboard data that will be analyzed within the various filter prompt fields.
  3. Provide a name for the dashboard in the Report Message Name field.
  4. Click Run Document. 

Aria processes your request and provides a report based on the defined report metrics.

  1. To save a copy of the report to your My Reports folder, click the Save icon in the toolbar, or click Home > Save/Save As.
  2. To export the report results, click the Export icon in the toolbar, or click Home > Export and select the desired file type. Available export file types include:
  • PDF
  • Excel with plain text
  • CSV file format
  • Excel with formatting
  • HTML
  • Plain text
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