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Create Non-Subscription Offering Classes


This article provides the steps necessary to create non-subscription offering classes.

Creating Non-Subscription Offering Classes

Getting Here: Click Products > Non-subscription Offering Classes.

To create or edit a non-subscription offering class:

  1. To edit a non-subscription offering class that you previously added, click the non-subscription offering class that you want to edit. The non-subscription offering class information displays for editing on a new screen.


  1. To add a new non-subscription offering class, click New.


  1. In the Client Defined Identifier field, enter a name that corresponds to naming conventions and practices for your organization.
  2. In the Class Name field, enter a meaningful name for the class.
  3. in the Description field, describe the class. 
  4. Using the Status radio buttons:
  • Select Active to make the class available for use.
  • Select Inactive to make the class unavailable.
  1. In the Class Hierarchy area, assign this class a hierarchical position in relation to existing classes.
  2. Click Save.
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