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Add Rate Schedules to a Non-subscription Offering


This article provides the steps necessary to add rate schedules to a non-subscription offering.

Adding Rate Schedules to a Non-Subscription Offering

Getting Here: Click Products > Non-subscription Offerings > Select a non-subscription offering > Rate Schedules

NSO Rate Schedule.png

  1. Select one of the following Modify Price During Purchase? options:
  • Yes - The CSR can change the price of the item at the time of purchase.
  • No - The CSR cannot change the price of the item at the time of purchase.

Note: Users must have the applicable CSR (Customer Service Representative) access level in Aria in order to change the prices of non-subscription offerings.

  1. Enter a Subunit Quantity. If applicable, specify the number of subunits of the offering that is available for customers to consume with each purchase. For example, if the offering is a 100-minute calling card, the subunit quantity would be 100.

Note: Aria cannot track the subunit quantity; Aria can track only the stock level of the offering.

  1.  Enter a Subunit Label. Use this field if the this item has subunits that must be displayed to the end user, for example "ounces".
  2. Select a Pricing Rule from the drop-down menu.
  3. You can optionally select an existing rate schedule or add a new one.. Each rate schedule is associated with one specific currency. To add a new rate schedule, click Add Rate Schedule at the bottom of the screen.

The following fields display within each rate schedule.

  • Rate Schedule Name - Name of the rate schedule.
  • Client Defined Identifier - Unique identifier for this rate schedule. If the user does not define this when creating the rate schedule, the system assigns a value.
  • Currency - The country's currency used by this rate schedule.
  • Tax Inclusive Rates? - If checked, the rates entered for this service are “tax inclusive” and are split and displayed as two line items on an invoice: one as a charge line item and one as a tax line item.
  • Rate Tiers - For each rate tier, enter the starting and ending quantity of items in the tier, and the rate to purchase an item within the tier. In the above example, the rate for the first 10 items is $10 each, the rate for items 11 to infinity is $8 each.
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