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Create a Resource Type


This article provides the steps necessary to create a resource type.

Creating or Editing a Resource Type

Getting Here: Click Products > Virtual Inventory

  1. To edit a resource type that you previously added, click the resource type that you want to edit. The resource type information displays for editing on a new screen.


  1. To add a new resource type, click Create New.


  1. In the "Resource Type Name" field, enter a meaningful name for the resource type.
Prepaid Minutes or 100 Gold Pieces.

Note: If a resource type is in use, you cannot change its name.

  1. In the "Resource Type Description" field, enter an explanation of what the resource type provides.
  2. Check the No Expiration box to specify that this resource type has no expiration date.


In the "Days to Expiry" field, enter the number of days that a customer will be have to use this resource type after purchasing it.

  1. Check the No Threshold box to specify that email messages should not be sent to customers about the quantity of the resource type that they have left. 


In the "Notification Threshold" field, enter the quantity of the resource type that will trigger an email message to customers informing them of the quantity of the resource type that they have left.

  1. Click Save.

The resource type is saved. You can then include it in a non-subscription offering.

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