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Virtual Inventory and Resource Types

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Virtual inventory consists of resource types. A resource type is a prepaid product with a specific number of units that a customer can buy. You can include a resource type in a non-subscription offering.

Resource types can be gold coins offered by a gaming company or prepaid minutes offered by a telecommunications company.

Every time a customer places an order for a resource type, Aria will automatically increase the number of units of the item that the customer has.

While a customer is consuming units of a resource type, you can use API calls to decrease the number of units that the customer has left.

If you need to increase or decrease the customer's resource type balance, you can do so by using API calls or in the Accounts section of Aria.

You can give a customer free bonus units of a resource type by increasing the customer's resource type balance.

Note: In order to use resource types, VIE (Virtual Inventory Engine) must be set up in your Aria implementation. This will allow Aria to track the amount of a resource type that each customer has.

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