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Manage Virtual Inventory Items


A virtual inventory item is a prepaid product with a specific number of units that a customer can buy. You can include a virtual inventory item in a non-subscription offering. Virtual inventory items can be gold coins offered by a gaming company or prepaid minutes offered by a telecommunications company.

Aria will automatically increase or decrease a customer's virtual inventory item balance based on the customer's pays for orders for virtual inventory items and consumes units of virtual inventory items. If you need to manually increase or decrease to the customer's virtual inventory item balance, you can do so on the Resource Control screen in Aria.

Note: To use virtual inventory items, the VIE (Virtual Inventory Engine) must be set up in your Aria implementation. This will allow Aria to track the amount of a virtual inventory item that each customer has.

Managing Virtual Inventory Items

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Plans & Services > Resource Control tab

  1. Click the Current Balance of the item whose balance you want to increase or decrease.


  1. Click Create new resource transaction.


  1. Select the Action you want to take on the customer's virtual inventory item balance: Increase balance or Decrease balance.


  • In the Quantity field, enter the number of units by which you want to increase or decrease the customer's virtual inventory item balance.
  • In the Days To Expire field, enter the number of days in which the unconsumed quantity of the additional units you are adding will expire. This will override the number of expiration days that were specified for the virtual inventory item (if any) only for the selected customer.

Note: You can enter the Days To Expire only if you are increasing the number of units of a virtual inventory item.

  1. Enter any applicable Comments about the change to the customer's virtual inventory item balance.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Review your entries.
  4. Click Submit. The customer’s virtual inventory item balance is increased or decreased by quantity that you specified.
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