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Create a Contract

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This article provides the steps necessary to create a contract.

Creating a Contract

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Plans & Services > Contracts tab > Create New Contract

  1. Select the type of contract that you want to create.

Choose Contract Scope 6.50.png

Note: You cannot assign an alternate recurring fee or early cancelation fee to a multi-plan contract or universal contract. A universal contract overrides any other contracts assigned to an account.

  1. Click Continue.

The New Contract Details page displays.

New Contract Details AC 6.50.png

  1. Select the plan to which the contract applies from one of the following Plan sections:
  • Current Service Plans: Plans that are currently assigned to the customer.
  • Service Plans Queued for Assignment: Plans that are not yet active (e.g. an anniversary plan) and are pending assignment. The contract will take effect when the queued plan becomes active.

Note: If you are creating a multi-plan contract, you can select multiple plans by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and clicking at the same time. If you are creating a universal contract, you cannot select plans since the contract will govern any plan(s) to which the account is subscribed during the time period dictated by the contract.

  1. Select one of the following Contract Completion options:
  • Select Date Range: Allows you to define a start and end date for the contract.
  • Select Duration: Allows you to define a start date and the duration of the contract.
  1. Select a date on which the contract should go into effect from the Contract Start Date field. The adjacent note displays the billing day for the account.  
  2. If you selected Select Date Range, select a Contract End Date on which the contract will conclude.


  1. If you selected Select Duration, select a Contract Duration between 1 month and 36 months from the drop-down.


  1. Select an action from the Contract End Action field to specify what should happen after completion of the contract:
  • Suspend service and billing: If the contract is assigned to a master plan, the account's status will be changed to "Contract Expired" and all service and billing will be terminated for all plans assigned to the account. If the contract is assigned to a supplemental plan, then all service and billing will be terminated for supplemental plan.
  • Suspend service and billing - prorate final invoice: Same as Suspend service and billing above, but also creates a prorated charge for the plan’s recurring fees for the final period using the contract’s end date as the billing end date.
  • Continue existing service without contract: Service will remain in effect and continue to be billed based on the rates assigned to the plan or to the customer.
  • Continue service without contract with pre-contract rates: On completion of contract terms, service will stay in effect and continue to bill per pre-contract terms. The rates that were present on the account before the contract was applied will be in effect at time of contract completion.
  • Renew existing contract automatically: A new contract with identical terms will go into effect.
  1. In the Alternate Recurring Fee field, enter the fee that the customer is charged for the recurring service on the plan instead of the amount specified in the default rate schedule for the plan (optional). You cannot assign an alternate recurring fee to a multi-plan contract or universal contract.

Note: It is not a recommended practice to specify an alternate recurring fee when you create a contract. Instead, you should assign an alternate rate schedule or custom rates to a customer.

  1. In the Early Cancellation Fee field, enter the amount that the customer should be charged for canceling the plan before the contract is completed (optional).

Note: You cannot assign an early cancelation fee to a multi-plan contract or universal contract. The cancelation fee will be prorated based on the amount of time left on the contract if you selected True for this system setting: Pro-rate Cancelation Fee On Early Termination (under Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings).

  1. Enter any applicable comments about the contract in the CSR Comments field.
  2. Click Save Contract.
  3. Review your contract information.
  4. Click Save Contract. The contract is assigned to the account under the specified terms.
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