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Plans and Contracts

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You can assign a contract to one or more plans. A contract is an optional overlay on a plan assignment. It can be applied to a master or supplemental plan. By default, plans are assigned to an account in perpetuity unless a change in account status or plan assignment causes the plan to be removed from the account. By creating a contract, you can specify a duration for which a plan should be assigned to an account and what action should be taken after the contract has expired.

  • If you need to identify individual customers who purchased units of a plan, you can create parent-child accounts.
  • Customers cannot purchase three instances of the same supplemental plan. Instead, customers can purchase multiple plan units of the same supplemental plan.
If a customer registered for a free master plan on 4/1/15, then switched to a paid monthly master plan on 4/10/15, the customer’s new billing dates would be on the 10th of every month.*

This will happen only if you selected True for this system setting: Reset Bill Dates When Changing From Free To Non-Free Master Service Plan (under Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings.)

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