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Modify Future Plan Changes


If API calls were used to schedule plan changes for future dates, you can view the completed and future plan changes in Aria. You can also modify or delete future plan changes.

Modifying Future Plan Changes

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Plans & Services > Master Service Plan or Supplemental Plans tab

  1. Click Future Plan Changes.


The changes scheduled for a future date are displayed at the top of the screen under Future Plan Changes. The completed plan changes are displayed at the bottom of the screen under Executed Plan Changes.

  1. Click Execute Immediately to complete a plan change immediately.
  2. Click Edit Parameters to modify some of the options for completing a future plan change.
  3. Click Delete to cancel a future plan change.
  4. Click Execution Details to see a summary of the returns of an API call used for a completed plan change.
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