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Plan Types


There are two types of plans available in Aria:

  • Master Plan
    A master plan is (in most cases) a container of services (billable or non-billable). It can also be the parent plan of any number of supplemental plans or it can be empty (Example: when you sell only non-subscription offerings). A master plan determines a customer’s currency and the day of the month on which the customer is billed. You must have at least one master plan. Each customer can have only one master plan.
  • Supplemental Plan
    A supplemental plan is an optional service plan associated with a master plan. It allows you to provide account holders with additional services that are not offered in a master plan. A supplemental plan can contain one or more services. A customer can subscribe to more than one supplemental plan.

​When a customer switches from one master plan to another, you should cancel any supplemental plans that were associated with the customer’s previous master plan and are not associated with the customer’s new master plan. When doing so, you may choose to inform the customer that the supplemental plans will be canceled.

Free Master Plans

There are two types of free master plans available:

  • A master plan containing free services
    Customers who are subscribed to this type of plan can be billed for any paid supplemental plans to which they are subscribed.
  • A free master plan
    Customers who are subscribed to this type of plan will never be billed even if they are also subscribed to paid supplemental plans. However, such customers will be billed for orders. If you want customers who initially subscribed to a free master plan to be billed for paid supplemental plans, you should switch them to a paid master plan.

Note: When a customer switches from a free master plan to a paid master plan, Aria will set the customer's billing dates based on the date on which the customer switched to the paid plan.

Plan Relationships

The Plans module allows you to easily show and modify the parent/child relationship between plans.

Getting Here: Click Products > Plans


When you select a Master Plan, and then select the Plan Relationships tab, you see a list of the associated child plans.


Master Plans show the following:

  • Child Plans
  • Plan Groups

Supplemental Plans show the following:

  • Parent Plans
  • Child Plans
  • Plan Exclusions

To add a plan relationship, you can enter a plan number in the text entry box, or you can click Browse to see a list of available plans.

To delete a plan relationship, click the red X to the right of the plan name.



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