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Select a Coupon

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You can select a coupon to include in the credit template by following the steps below or create a new coupon if the coupon you would like to apply does not already exist.

Selecting a Coupon

Getting Here: Click Marketing > Credit Templates

  1. Click the Coupons tab.
  2. Drag a coupon from the list of available coupons to the section of the screen that reads “Please drop the coupons here”. You can include the credit template in more than one coupon. To remove a coupon, click the red "X" next to the coupon.

create coupon.jpg

  1. Click Save.

A customer can redeem the coupon on your website or you can assign the coupon to a customer in Aria based on any start date that you specified.

Note: Aria will not apply a $20 credit to a $10 invoice. Aria will apply a $10 credit to the invoice, then apply the remaining $10 to the next invoice.

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