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NetSuite Connector


The NetSuite Connector syncs non-transactional and transactional data between Aria and NetSuite.

Non-transactional data includes accounts, plans, services, and non-subscription offerings. Transactional data includes invoices, refunds, and reversals. The Connector also allows any payments in NetSuite to be recorded in Aria.

Before You Begin 

Before you begin configuring the Aria-NetSuite Connector, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have a pre-configured NetSuite instance with valid credentials, administration privileges, and valid GL accounts.
  • Purchased Aria's NetSuite Connector 
  • Received confirmation from Aria Systems that Customer Support has performed the preliminary tasks necessary for you to configure this product.
  • Because item names are unique in NetSuite, all plan names must be unique in Aria.

Key Features 

The Aria-NetSuite Connector provides the following features:

  • Accounts, plans, services, non-subscription offerings and transactions are exported out of Aria and synced with NetSuite on a scheduled basis.
  • Easy configuration of batch scheduling.
  • Loading of payments (external payments in Aria) from NetSuite to Aria.
  • Viewable logs in Aria via reporting.

Initial Notes 

  • Initial NetSuite configuration delivered via NetSuite bundle.
  • Flexibility to extend out-of-the-box configuration.
  • Taxation details are migrated as part of the Aria invoice.

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