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Getting Started with Aria6

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What is Aria6?

Aria6 (also referred to as "Aria") consists of:

  • a powerful, feature-rich application (User Interface) that allows you to:
    • customize your implementation of Aria with various configuration options, which include the setup of tax engines and payment gateways to be used;
    • control access to the Aria User Interface (UI) based on user roles;
    • build your product catalog to create the plans to sell directly to your customers or synchronize to other eCommerce or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms;
    • manage coupons, discounts, and promotions;
    • bill your customers (account holders) for your products;
    • maintain your customers’ accounts;
    • utilize event notifications to stay informed about the creation/modification of account-related data then take your chosen action;
    • use Aria-generated emails to notify your customers about important changes to their accounts, statements, dunning, etc.;
    • analyze your revenue by using reports.

Note: Your access to features within Aria will vary depending on your user role.

  • APIs that you can use to support registration, user self-service, usage loading, and a host of other powerful features.


Aria6 Overview

The diagram below provides an overview of the major elements within Aria and shows the relationships between those elements.

Note: You can click on the diagram to see a larger version of it.



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