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Direct Post Error Code Descriptions

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The table below provides descriptions of Direct Post error codes:

Error Code Description


The collect_from_acct API failed during normal processing.


The session validation failed. To remedy the situation, repeat the call to the set_session API before attempting the process again.

This is unlikely to happen in a normal flow. However, this can occur if a user gets to the last page of the checkout process, then takes a long break before finishing the process.


Direct Post is configured to promote pending invoices, but the manage_pending_invoice API call has failed.


The authorize electronic payment has failed (when <do_cc_auth> is set to True and the line item subtotal is less than the auth threshold).


Although Direct Post has been configured to update the account status upon authorization failure, the call to update the account status has failed.  This error occurs BEFORE "servercouldnotvalidatecard," and must be handled the same way.


The update_acct_complete API failed to update the account status when the <change_status_on_invoice_promotion> parameter is set to True.


The update_acct_complete API failed with new payment methods.

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