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Aria IP Ranges


Internet service is built around a concept of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which are presented in the format of four groups of numbers from 0 to 255 separated by periods, for example, These numbers uniquely identify any computer available on the Internet.

In addition, these numbers are usually mapped to a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that is presented in a more human-friendly format. For example, (URL) is mapped to (IP).

There are two reasons for this mapping. First, it allows more meaningful names. And second, it allows digital addresses to change without changing human-friendly names. For example, can be moved to a different IP without modifying its name simply by changing the mapping.

Mapping is achieved using the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol. DNS is an Internet-wide record that says, in essence, when a user requests, s/he really wants to go to – a machine-friendly notation.

IPs and URLs used at Aria

Aria uses number of URLs to provide services, such as or All of these URLs are mapped to a specific IP address using the DNS protocol. While these mappings rarely change, IP addresses are not guaranteed to stay the same and may be modified in an emergency and without notice. Any changes, however, always fall within the list of specific IP ranges owned by Aria which are listed below.

URLs, on the other hand, are not modified without extensive advance notice. Therefore, clients and partners are required to use URLs and not IP addresses when calling Aria services. Also, Aria requires that clients and partners allow connectivity to the entire range of Aria-owned IP addresses. While we recognize that some security rules discourage whitelisting such a wide range, clients and partners can be assured that the entire range presented below is owned and operated by Aria. No other company, individual or organization uses them.

All third-party provider integrations, such as tax and payment gateways, must have these IPs whitelisted if the provider's feature is implemented for the client environment. The client must contact the provider directly or go through their provider administrative interface to set up whitelisting.

Aria Data Center IP Addresses

Aria's data centers use either one continuous block of IP addresses, or specific individual IP addresses. Clients and partners based in our U.S. Data Centers must whitelist both the PHL and ATL data centers. Clients and partners based in our European Data Center must whitelist the IRL and CPH data centers.

Philadelphia (PHL) or to

Atlanta (ATL) or to

Ireland (IRL) and

For more information

For more information on IP addresses: 

For more information on URL:

For more information on DNS:

For more information on slash notation used above:

For any additional questions please contact Aria Systems Support.

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