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Two-Way SSL Certificates


Two-way SSL certification can be created when connecting to Aria, in addition to the ability to use IP whitelisting, as a security measure for connections from third-party applications. This support for two-way SSL-based authentication includes the following features:

  • The ability to manage third-party SSL certificates in Aria.
  • The validation of SSL certificate(s) during connections from third-party applications.

Aria provides separate URLs for APIs that are used by applications using two-way SSL:

  • AUS:
  • AUS:

This means that any applications using both two-way SSL and Aria APIs will point to this API URL. 

Additionally, Aria provides two API URLs to accept an SSL certificate for ARC/VIE (virtual inventory):



Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Miscellaneous Settings

  1. Select the Use SSL Authentication client parameter.
  2. Select True from the Value drop-down.

The default setting is False.

  1. Click Save.

Create a New SSL Certificate

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Integrations > SSL Certificates

Note: SSL certificates can be edited or deleted from the SSL Certificate page.

  1. Click New.

The Create New SSL Certificate page displays.


  1. Enter a URL into the URL field (required).
  2. Click the Choose File button to upload a certificate (required).

Note: An additional Password field displays if the certificate file is of PKCS12/PFX format.

  1. Select a status from the Status drop-down.

A certificate can be deactivated at any time by selecting the certificate from the SSL Certificate page and changing its status from “Active” to “Inactive”.

  1. Choose an expiration date from the Expiration Date field.

expiration datev2.png

  1. Enter a description into the Description field.
  2. Click Save.

Note: The client applications/programs that are calling Aria APIs should be configured to send the client certificate before this feature can be turned on in Aria. If not, the API calls will fail due to failed SSL authentication.


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