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Create Locale Settings


Language locales can be created to contain language translations of the names for system transaction types. A default locale of System_US_English_locale already exists, which has the standard locale of en_US.

Any user-created locales can be edited from the Locale Settings page. If the locale is already used by an email template, then a lock icon displays and locked locales cannot be deleted. Likewise, if it is a system locale, then a system icon displays and system locales cannot be deleted or edited.

Creating a New Locale Setting

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Locale Settings

  1. Click the New button.

The New Locale Settings page displays.


Note: You may also create a new locale by copying an existing locale and providing a new name and description. The other field values transfer over and can be edited before saving the new locale.

  1. Enter a locale name into the Locale Name field (required).
  2. Enter a description into the Description field.
  3. Fill in all applicable Translation Name information.
  4. Click Save.

All created locales display in the Aria email and statement template Locale drop-down. The default value for this drop-down is System_US_English_locale. The locale selected during the creation or updating of an email or statement template determines the language, number, and date formats that are used in customer communications.

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