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View Administrative Audit Log


The Administrative audit log shows all of the additions and changes that were made to your data in Aria. 

Viewing Administrative Audit Log

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Audit Logs > Administrative

  1. Select a date range to search the Administrative audit logs.

admin logv2.png

  1. Click Search.

A results screen displays for each day of the searched date range, indicating whether there is data.

Note: If you selected a date range of only one day, this intermediate screen does not display and the Administrative audit log for the selected date displays immediately.

admin audit log searchv2.png

Note: You can adjust the date range being searched by clicking the Refine Search button on the Search Results screen.

  1. For dates where there is logging information, click a date to see the logging detail.

The Administrative audit log for the selected date displays on a new screen with the following information:

  • Area: The section of the system in which the change was made.
  • Type of change: The kind of change that was made.
  • User Id: The user ID of the person that made the change.
  • Object: The ID number of the thing that was changed.
  • Time: The time at which the change was made.

admin log output2v2.png

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