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Updating Account or Billing Contact Information

Note: The billing information that can be updated in this use case includes only billing contact information. For the steps required to update payment information, refer to the Updating Payment Information use case.


An account with a user name and password, contact, and billing contact information exists for the customer.


The customer’s updated account and billing contact information are saved in the User Self Service application.

Process Flow Diagram

The diagram below illustrates the process in which a customer updates account and/or billing contact information.


Note: After a customer logs in, use the validate_session call at every page load to determine the validity of the session and the user with which the session is associated.  


  1. Use the get_ acct_details_all call to provide the customer’s current account or billing contact information.
  2. Use the update_acct_complete call to save the customer’s updated account or billing contact information.
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