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Aria for Salesforce 2.0 Release 1.3

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 2.0

Production Date


Aria SFDC System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 31
  • Chrome 36

Java Settings

Java 7.0

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Salesforce for Aria Features

New Plan Hierarchy Custom Action for Salesforce Mobile App (SFDCDEV-62)

The Salesforce mobile app (Salesforce1) has been enhanced to display the plan hierarchy for a customer. This new custom action is displayed from the Account page layout, as shown below.

mobile app2v5.png

Clicking the Plan Hierarchy button displays parent-child relationships between plans. The plan name, units, and ACV display within the initial plan hierarchy. Clicking a specific plan displays additional fields (plan description, MRR, TCV, and ARR).

Refer to the Salesforce Mobile App Custom Actions article for more information.

Provide Default Collections Account Group in SFDC Connector (SFDCDEV-78)

Aria API configuration now includes a field where you can specify the default account collection group for new clients, as shown below. When a new account is created in Salesforce and saved/committed to Aria, it is assigned to  the collection group specified on the Aria API Configuration screen. The default account collection group does not affect existing accounts.

Getting Here: Click Aria API Configurations > New


Contact Email Address Added to Plan Wizard Sections (SFDCDEV-86)

A Contact Email Address field has been added to the Plan Wizard page under the New Contact section, and to the Account Contact and Billing Contact information under the Form of Payment section. The email address information will by synced between Aria and Salesforce.

Getting Here: Click Opportunities > select an opportunity > New Quote


Getting Here: Click Accounts


Quick View Configuration Now Displayed on Single Page (SFDCDEV-92)

When configuring Quick View settings, all components are now displayed on a single page, making it possible to see at a glance what is displayed in the account Quick View.

Getting Here: Click All Tabs > Aria General Configuration

  1. Click the Quick View tab.


  1. Choose whether to hide or display the component image within the Quick View section by checking the Show Hide Component checkbox.
  2. Click Save Settings.

Transaction and Payment Events Syncing in Real Time (SFDCDEV-66)

Transactional data now syncs to Salesforce as transaction and payment events occur in Aria, rather than just on-demand or in batch jobs.

Salesforce for Aria Fixes

  • When Editing Contract Records, the User was Redirected to the Previous Version (V1) of Salesforce for Aria (SFDCQA-203)
  • Contact Records Were Not Updating Properly in Salesforce, and Duplicate Emails Were Being Sent (SFDCQA-204)
  • Account Plans Were Not Syncing if the Standard Price Book Was Inactive (SFDCQA-205)
  • Deleted Contact Details in Salesforce Were Not Reflected in Aria (SFDCQA-208)
  • A Zero Dollar Master Plan With No Supplemental Plans Selected Caused an Error (SFDCQA-211)
  • The Currency Symbol in the Quick View Section Displayed an Incorrect Currency Symbol (SFDCQA-209)
  • The Usage Field in the Quick View Section Now Has a Higher Maximum Limit (SFDCQA-210)
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