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Aria Salesforce Connector 1.0 Release 1.9

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Connector 1.0

Production Date


Aria SFDC System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox 28
  • Chrome 34
  • Safari 6.1.3

Java Settings

Java 7.0

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria SFDC Features

SFDCDEV-33    Salesforce Connector – Write-off Support

This feature allows Salesforce users to create a Write-Off and create or settle a Dispute Hold against an Aria account.

SFDCDEV-34    SFDC – Expose Aria APIs in Force.com platform

Clients can use custom workflows and screens within Salesforce and call Aria APIs within the Force.com platform. This release exposes some of the core and AdminTool APIs as part of this Aria-SFDC SDK release. The list of APIs included and sample Aria-SFDC SDK code can be found in the Static Resources files "AriaSdkHelpDocs" and "AriaAdminToolSdkHelpDocs". These files are packaged in the connector and can be accessed as Salesforce Static Resources after the Salesforce Connector has been installed.

SFDCDEV-35    Display Created Date for Write-Offs in Write-Off/Dispute Hold History Section

The enhancement adds a Created Date column to the Write-Off/Dispute Hold History section to display the date a write-off was created.

SFDCDEV-37    Ability to Set Alt Bill Day When Creating Account with Status Active from SFDC

Previously, users could only create an alternate billing date or an alternate start date for an account created with a status other than Active. If an account was created in Active status, the billing date, by default was the account creation date. This enhancement allows a user to create an account in Active status with an alternate billing date.

For example, if an account with monthly plans is created on 3-15-2014, and the required billing period runs from 4-1-2014 to 5-1-2014, the user can now create the plan in Active status and pro-rate the charges from 3-15-2014 to 3-31-2014.

SFDCDEV-38    Add Aria Usage Viewing in Salesforce

This feature allows the user to view usage details such as usage history, unbilled usage charges and usage thresholds in Salesforce. Usage details can also be downloaded and saved as a spreadsheet.

Aria SFDC Fixes

SFDCQA-168    URL to the Aria Admin Tool Tab Should Be Configurable

Previously, when the user clicked on the Aria Admin Tool tab they were redirected to the Aria Stage Future client. Now users can set the URL in the Aria API Configuration to redirect to any Aria instance.

SFDCQA-174    Financial Summary on Quote PDF Should Consider Plan's Billing Interval

Previously, the Financial Summary amount section of the quote PDF did not correctly account for the plan billing interval for calculating the "Total New Monthly Cost for all Recurring Services". For example, if a quarterly plan costs $120.00, the "Total New Monthly Cost for all Recurring Services" was quoted incorrectly as $120.00. The correct monthly cost would have been $40.00 (120/3). Now this has been fixed and the quote PDF shows a correct cost for monthly charges.

SFDCQA-178    Quote Total Does Not Match Opportunity Total

Previously, if a user created an opportunity in SFDC and added plans to it, then clicked the New Quote button, the Aria Quote Total did not match the Aria Opportunity Total. Now this has been fixed and totals for opportunities correctly match totals for quotes.

SFDCQA-179   Account Trigger Fails When Account is Updated in Custom Test Coverage Classes

Previously, if a user created custom code in Salesforce and ran it under a test coverage class to update an account, the code in the account trigger returned an error and failed to complete the account update. Account updates from Salesforce also failed if an Aria API Configuration had not been previously created. Now both of these issues have been fixed and accounts can be successfully updated as expected with custom code, and when no Aria API Configuration has been created.

SFDCQA-180    New Default Value for Contract End Actions Field Not Applied in Wizard

Previously, when a user created a new contract in SFDC, the default value of the Contract End Action dropdown list was always "Suspend service and billing – prorate final contract." Now an administrator can set this default value from the Custom Field Definitions Detail page in Setup>Create>Object>Contract.

SFDCQA-181    update_acct_complete Does Not Accept Hashed Password

This ticket covers two fixes to password exchange issues between Aria and SFDC. Recently, Aria began storing account passwords in its database in an encrypted hash key format.

Previously, when SFDC refreshed account details from Aria, the password was refreshed and Aria returned the password to SFDC as a hash key instead of the actual password. The hash key was saved as an "updated" password in SFDC. Subsequent interactions between SFDC and Aria would fail because Aria expected SFDC to send a plain text password. Now the password is never sent from Aria to SFDC.

Also, when an account update was sent from SFDC to Aria, SFDC updated the account password in the Aria database. Now the account password is sent to Aria only if it has been changed in SFDC.

SFDCQA-182    Read Timed Out Error When Creating an Account from SFDC with Credit Card

Previously, sending credit card and billing information during account creation from Salesforce sometimes returned a "Read timed out" error message. Now the timeout setting in SFDC has been increased so that credit card and billing information is returned as expected.

SFDCQA-183    Rename Plan Button on Account and Opportunity

Previously, the button to add or modify plans on the Account screen was labeled "Create/Modify Plans" and on the Opportunity screen it was labeled "Modify Plans". Now the button has been renamed to "Add/Modify Plans" on both screens.

SFDCQA-184    Save Contract Button on Wizard Contracts Not Visible in Internet Explorer 11

Previously, when adding a contract in SFDC using Internet Explorer 11, the Save Contract button was not visible on the screen and the CSR Comments text field was populated with JavaScript code. This condition only occurred in IE 11 and not in other browsers. Now this has been fixed and the Contracts page Save Contract button displays as expected in all browsers.

SFDCQA-185    Not Able to Assign Coupon to an Existing Account Through Salesforce

Previously, if the Aria client configuration parameter "New Acct Auto Gen Pw Rule" was set to FALSE and "Auto Gen Userid Rule" was set to "No Auto Userid Generation," when a user added a coupon through Salesforce, then tried to save the account to Aria, the error message "Account UserId Not Allowed" was returned.

To correct this, the Salesforce admin must create a one time account user ID and password, to be used for all coupon validations. This is done in SFDC in the Aria General Configurations>Other Configs tab. This one time user ID and password is validated in real time with the user ID and password format set in Aria. Subsequent changes to the user ID and password format in Aria will require an update to the one time account user ID and password set in SFDC.

SFDCQA-186    Duplicate Plan Selection During Account Creation in SFDC

Previously, if a Master Plan had two or more Supplemental Plans that were parents and these parents had a common Supplemental Plan as a child, then selecting the Master Plan, Supplemental Plan, and the child Supplemental Plan of one would automatically select the child of the other parent Supplemental Plan.

Now this has been fixed and only one instance of the child is selected when assigning the Master Plan, Supplemental Plan and the child to the account.

SFDCQA-187    Unable to Set Payment Method Net Terms 45 from SFDC

Previously when a user tried to set the Payment Method for an Aria account to Net Terms 45 from SFDC, the error message "Argument cannot be null" was returned. Now this has been fixed and the Payment Method can be successfully set as Net Terms 45.

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