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Migrate from Salesforce Connector 1 to Aria for Salesforce 2


This article explains how to migrate your instance of Salesforce Connector 1 to the current version of Aria for Salesforce 2.

Note: Any customizations that were applied in Salesforce will be lost and will need to be reapplied. 

Prior to Uninstalling the Salesforce Connector

  1.  Stop the following Scheduled Jobs in Salesforce if they are scheduled. Turning these jobs off will stop the Aria Account Sync to Salesforce.  

Note: Refer to Salesforce help documentation for Scheduling and Monitoring of Jobs if you need more information. 

  • AriaClientPlanBatchSyncScheduler (refreshes your client plans) 
  • AriaBatchAccountDetailsUpdaterScheduler (refreshes account details)
  • AriaBatchAcctSuppFieldsUpdaterScheduler (refreshes supplemental fields)
  • AriaBatchAccountPlansUpdaterScheduler (refreshes account plans)
  1. For any scheduled account or contact updates from Salesforce to Aria, allow them to complete or abort them from the Scheduled Jobs page.  

 Note: Updating accounts in Salesforce will send an Account sync to Aria.​

Getting Here: Go to Setup > Administration Setup > Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs 


  1. Sort Scheduled Jobs by Next Scheduled Run
  2. Ignore any jobs that do not have a Next Scheduled Run date.  
  3. Allow to complete or abort any account or contact jobs with a Next Scheduled Run date. Account and contact scheduled jobs begin with:
  • AriaBatchUpdateAccountComplete_viaAccountTrigger
  • AriaBatchUpdateAccountComplete__viaContactTrigger
  1.  Turn off the Account Update sync. This prevents Account and Contact updates from being scheduled.

 Note: Account and Contact scheduled jobs run only once per account update. They discontinue after one scheduled run and are not scheduled again until the next Account and/or Contact update. Accounts/Contacts updated in bulk will be scheduled by one scheduler.

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Aria Custom Settings > Manage > Sync Account Update to Aria

sync account.png

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Uncheck the Aria Boolean Key checkbox.

Boolean Key.png

  1. Click Save
  1. Stop Account sync from Aria to Salesforce. Refer to Configure Your Aria Notifications for more information.
    1. Turn off real-time Accounts and Order event notifications in Aria: 
      • Email based event notifications
      • OAuth event notifications
    2. Stop real-time Aria event notifications from being processed in Salesforce:
      • Delete the Email Services configured in Salesforce to handle Aria Event notifications.
      • Delete the OAuth Connected application in Salesforce to handle Aria.
  2. Let the asynchronous (Future) Apex jobs scheduled in Salesforce to complete.

These Future Apex jobs are scheduled in Salesforce whenever an Aria account is updated in Aria and the update needs to flow to Salesforce via the Aria event notifications. You can choose to abort these scheduled jobs if desired.

  1. Undo all customizations that effect the Salesforce Connector (i.e. Page Layouts, Object Fields, Scheduled Apex classes).  

 Note: The Salesforce application will not allow any Salesforce app (Salesforce Package), such as the Salesforce Connector, to be uninstalled unless all references to the app have been removed from external customizations. Please refer to the Uninstalling Salesforce Packages in the Salesforce help documentation for more information.  

This includes any scheduled Apex job that is Queued or in Holding Status. Contact Salesforce support to remove jobs in holding status. 

To view Apex jobs that are queued or in a holding status, create a new view on the Apex Jobs page and apply the following filters:

  • Filter 1: Apex Class Start with “Aria" Status = “Queued"
  • Filter 2: Apex Class Start with “Aria" Status = "Holding"
  1. Export the Salesforce ID and the Aria ID of all Salesforce accounts that need to be re-synchronized after the install. The Salesforce accounts and Aria accounts are mapped 1:1 in Salesforce via the "Aria ID" field on the Salesforce account.

Uninstall the Connector 1

Getting Here: Go to Setup > App Setup > Installed Packages

  1. Click Uninstall. 


  1. Confirm if you would like to save a copy of the package data for 48 hours. 
  2. Check Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components. 

confirm uninstall.png

  1. Click Uninstall. 

Install the Aria for Salesforce 2

  1. Refer to the Aria for Salesforce 2 Installation and Configuration guide to install the connector. 
  2. Restore the Aria IDs to the Salesforce accounts. 
  3. Run or schedule the following schedulers in sequence with an hour difference: 
  • ​AriaClientPlanBatchSyncScheduler (refreshes your client plans)
  • AriaBatchAccountDetailsUpdaterScheduler (refreshes account details)
  • AriaBatchAcctSuppFieldsUpdaterScheduler (refreshes supplemental fields)
  • AriaBatchAccountPlansUpdaterScheduler (refreshes account plans)

Note: The schedulers will create new opportunities in Salesforce when it syncs the account and the account info from Aria. You can choose to update existing open opportunities or have the connector create new opportunities.​

 To update account sync to open opportunities:

  1. Go to Aria General Configurations > Other Configs > Opportunity creation behavior during Sync
  2. Select Update existing Open Opportunity.
  3. Click Save Settings.​
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