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Settle a Dispute Hold


You can settle a dispute hold for an invoice with a dispute against it by following the steps below.

Settling a Dispute Hold

Getting Here: Click Account > Aria Payments and Credits

  1. Click the Aria Payments and Credits button on the Account.

payments and credits.png

The Payments tab displays.

  1. Click the Write-Offs/Dispute Holds tab.

The write-off and dispute hold history is displayed in real time from Aria.

  1. Click the Un-Settled Dispute Hold link.

writeoff tabv3.png

The Write-Off/Dispute Hold History screen displays.

writeoff history.png

  1. Select one of the following settlement actions from the Settlement Action field:
  • Convert to Permanent Write-Off: Write-off is permanent.
  • Remove and Re-Age: Original charge is re-aged as of the day this is applied.
  • Remove and Do Not Re-Age: Charge is not re-aged/
  1. Enter any applicable CSR comments in the Additional CSR Comments field (optional).
  2. Click the Settle Dispute Hold button.

A confirmation page displays.


  1. Review the dispute hold settlement information.
  2. Click the Settle Dispute Hold button to save the selection to Aria.

If the dispute hold is settled successfully in Aria, the screen is refreshed to display the latest write-off or dispute history, which includes the recently settled dispute hold. If the dispute hold settlement is unsuccessful, an error message displays.

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