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Issue Refunds

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A refund is the return of money previously paid by a customer and are issued back to the original payment method used.

Issuing Refunds

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Aria Payments & Credits > Refunds

  1. Click Create a New Refund.

new refund.PNG

  1. Click on the payment that you want to refund.

Note: The displayed payments fall within the allowable time frames. By default, this time frame is between 2-60 days after a payment was made. The time frames may vary based what was specified in your Aria implementation. These time frames must comply with your payment gateway's rules for refundability in order for the refund to be processed.

  1. Enter information as follows:
  1. Amount to Refund: Type in the amount that you want to refund to the customer. This amount should be less than or equal to the payment amount.
  2. Reason: Select the reason for which you are issuing a refund.
  3. Amount To Reverse Now: If you want to reverse (void) one or more invoice line items, type in the amount to reverse in the Amount To Reverse Now box for each applicable invoice line item. This amount should be less than or equal to the Remaining Reversible Amount. Reversing invoice line items will decrease the customer's balance by amount of the reversed line item(s). If you do not void invoice line items after issuing a refund, then the customer will still have an outstanding balance equal to the refund amount.

Note: If you want to keep the invoice on record, do not void any invoice line items. In order to settle the customer's balance, you may choose to issue a cash credit or a service credit to the customer for an amount equal to the outstanding balance.

  1. Click Generate Refund.
  1. Carefully review the confirmation page.
  2. Click Process Refund.
  1. Click OK when the confirmation message appears.

Aria processes the refund as part of the daily batch jobs. Refunds to electronic payment methods may not be reflected in the customer's credit card or bank account balance for several days, depending on the individual rules of the payment gateway and issuing bank.

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