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View Account Information


Once an account has been created or imported into Salesforce, you can view the account information at any time by following the steps in this article.

Viewing Account Information

Getting Here: Click Accounts > select an account

  1. Click Refresh from Aria to view the most recent changes that were made to the account in Aria.

view account info2.png

  1. Click Aria Transactions to view Aria-specific transaction information.

view account info3.png

The account’s Aria transaction history displays as shown below, allowing you to view any Aria plans assigned to the account in the Account Plans section of the screen.

view account info4.png

  1. Click on a Plan Name to see the services included in the plan.

The services display under the account plans.

view account info5.png

If the account has a parent account, the account name displays next to the Parent Account field.

view account info6.png

  1. Click View Hierarchy to see the parent-child account relationships.

view account info7.png

The parent-child account relationships display.

view account info8.png

The fields that are specific to Aria display on the screen. The Aria MRR Total (monthly recurring revenue)displays for the Aria plans to which the customer is subscribed. The Aria MMR Total reflects only Aria plans and does not take Salesforce products into account. In addition, the Aria MRR Total reflects only recurring charges and does not include usage-based or one-time charges.

last bill thru datev2.jpg

Note: The location of the fields on the screen will vary based on how your Salesforce System Administrator set up your page layouts. 

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