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Add Contracts


You can add contracts to opportunities or quotes from the Contracts screen by following the steps below. You can navigate to the Contracts screen by clicking Opportunities > select opportunity > Add/Modify Plans > Contracts for opportunities or by clicking Opportunities > select opportunity > Quotes > select quote > Add/Modify Plans > Contracts for quotes.

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Contracts can apply to a single plan, multiple plans, or the entire account. You can create multiple quotes, each with a different contract(s). Through this feature, you can create a one-year quote and two-year quote, with pricing specific to each.

Add Contracts

  1. Select which plan(s) to include in the contract by moving a plan(s) from the Selected Plans field to the Plan in Contract field by highlighting the plan(s) and utilizing the arrow buttons.
  2. Select one of the following options from the Contract Completion field:
  • Select Date Range: To specify a contract end date.
  • Select Duration: To specify a contract length.
  1. Select one of the following options from the Contract Start Date field:
  • Opportunity Close Date: The contract start date begins at the opportunity close date.
  • Custom Start Date: You can specify a custom start date from the input field that displays.
  1. Specify a contract end date or a contract length, depending on which option you selected from the Contract Completion field above.
  2. Select one of the following options from the Contract End Action field to indicate what should happen at contract end date or when the contract length expires.
  • Suspend service and billing
  • Suspend service and billing – prorate final invoice
  • Continue existing service without contract
  • Renew existing contract automatically
  1. Enter any additional comments into the CSR Comments field, if applicable.
  2. Click Save Contract.

new contracts pic.png

The contract is saved.

  1. Click Next to review the opportunity or quote summary.

Editing Contracts

  1. Click the Edit link next to the contract you would like to edit.

edit contractsv2.png

Note: You can delete a contract at this time by clicking the Del link next to the contract you would like to delete.

  1. Make all applicable changes.
  2. Click Update Contract.
  3. Click Next to make more changes, Review Summary and Checkout to complete the process, or Save as Draft to save.
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