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Select Subscription Plans from Aria


You can select subscription plans from Aria for opportunities or quotes from the Select Plans screen by following the steps below. You can navigate to the Select Plans screen by clicking Opportunities > select opportunity > Add/Modify Plans > Select Plans for opportunities or by clicking Opportunities > select opportunity > Quotes > select quote > Add/Modify Plans > Select Plans for quotes.

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Selecting Subscription Plans from Aria

  1. Search for a plan or select a Client Plan from the Plan Wizard.

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  1. Select any supplemental plans that you want to include in the opportunity or quote.
  2. Enter the units for each new plan in the Units field.

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  1. Click Next to assign a rate schedule.

Editing Subscription Plans from Aria

  1. Hover your mouse over a plan name to see the services associated with the plan.

Note: If you edit an opportunity whose plan assignment has already been saved to Aria, a new opportunity is automatically created. The plan assignment in the new opportunity is synchronized with the account in Aria unless you save the plan assignment to Aria.

  1. Click the arrow to see the supplemental plans associated with a master plan.

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  1. Do either of the following:
  • Select the new master plan that you want to assign to the customer. If there are supplemental plans associated with plan, select any new supplemental plans that you want to assign to the customer. Click OK when this message appears: “You have chosen to select a new master plan. If you are replacing your Master plan then this may result in losing some or all of the Supplemental plans you subscribe to today.”

Note: Supplemental plans that are not associated with the customer’s new master plan will be removed.

  • Add or remove supplemental plans associated with the customer’s current master plan.
  1. If applicable, change the number of units of each plan that the customer wants to purchase.
  2. Click Next to make more changes, Review Summary and Checkout to complete the process, or Save as Draft to save.

After the updated plan assignment has been saved to Aria for an opportunity or synced to an opportunity for a quote, the account screen displays. The assigned plans for an opportunity are listed in the Account Plans section in the "active" status, as shown below. If you specified that a plan assignment for an opportunity should begin on the anniversary date, then the status of the plan is "active pending". The assigned plans for a quote display in the Account Plans section in the "quote" status.

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In the Aria Fields section, the Aria MRR Total reflects the monthly recurring revenue for Aria plans, as shown below. The Aria MMR Total reflects only Aria plans, not opportunity products. The Aria Opportunity Total or Aria Quote Total is the total of Aria MRR Total and Aria Orders (one time Purchase offerings).

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