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Manage Opportunities and Quotes


Opportunities are the sales and pending deals that you want to track. By adding opportunities within Salesforce, you are contributing to your sales forecast. Similarly, a sales person can create quotes to offer a customer different combinations of plans and prices.

You can create an opportunity or quote by following the steps in this article. Once you have created your opportunity or quote, the same setup steps, such as billing options, coupons, and contracts, apply to both and can be edited at any time.

Creating an Opportunity

Getting Here: Click Opportunities > New

  1. Enter the details of the opportinity.

Required fields are marked with red.

  1. Click the Search button next to the Account Name field and select the account for which you are creating the opportunity.

new opportunityv2.png

  1. Click Save.

You can edit an opportunity's information at any time by going into the opportunity, clicking Edit, making all applicable changes, and clicking Save.

Creating a Quote

Getting Here: Click Opportunities > select an opportunity > Quotes > New Quote

  1. Type in the quote information.

Required fields are marked with red.

new quote 2v2.png

  1. Click Save.

You can edit a quote's information at any time by going into the quote, clicking Edit, making all applicable changes, and clicking Save.

Setting Up an Opportunity or Quote

After you have created an opportunity or quote, you can complete all associated steps by following the steps below. The steps are the same for both an opportunity and a quote, although not all steps are required.

  1. Select Subscription Plans from Aria
  2. Assign a Rate Schedule
  3. Select Billing Options
  4. Choose One Time Products
  5. Assign Coupons
  6. Add Contracts
  7. Review the Opportunity or Quote Summary

The difference between an opportunity and a quote flow, within the Aria connector, is that you can collect payment information and complete an opportunity by saving it to Aria, whereas you can save the quote and sync it to an opportunity. The payment information is collected from the opportunity at the time as saving the opportunity to Aria. The payment information collected from the opportunity is sent over to Aria real time and is not stored in Salesforce.

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