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Uninstall Aria for Salesforce


You must uninstall the current beta version of Aria for Salesforce before installing a new beta version or the production version. After you install the production version, you will not need to uninstall before installing newer versions.

To uninstall Aria for Salesforce, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Delete your scheduled Apex jobs
  2. Remove Aria page layout assignments
  3. Delete your Aria provisioning email service
  4. Uninstall the Aria Salesforce.com connector

Uninstalling Aria for Salesforce deletes the following Aria data from Salesforce: plans, services, rate schedules, Aria supplemental field mappings, Aria API configurations, and Aria error logs.

Data that is saved to Aria will remain in Aria even after you uninstall Aria for Salesforce. To uninstall, you must be logged into Salesforce as a System Administrator.

Delete Your Scheduled Apex Jobs

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Monitoring.
  3. Click Scheduled Jobs.


  1. Click Del next to each job.


Remove Aria Page Layout Assignments

If you assigned any Aria page layouts to your Salesforce profiles, you must assign non-Aria page layouts to those profiles. Please see Assign Aria Page Layouts to Your Salesforce Profiles for more information.

Delete Your Aria Provisioning Email Service

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Develop.
  3. Click Email Services.

configure SF1.png

  1. Click on the Email Service Name link for the Aria provisioning email service.


  1. Click on the View link next to the Aria provisioning email address.


  1. Click Delete to delete the provisioning email address.


  1. Click OK.
  2. Click Delete to delete the provisioning email service.
  1. Click OK.

The provisioning email address and email service are deleted.

Note: Be sure to also log into AdminTools to delete the event notification step in which account based events were sent to the Salesforce provisioning email address that you just deleted.

Uninstall the Aria Salesforce.com Connector

  1. Click Installed Packages.


  1. Click Uninstall next to Aria Salesforce.com Connector.


  1. Select Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components.
  2. Click Uninstall.


You will see a screen similar to the following.


After the uninstall is complete, you will receive an email similar to the following:


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