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Install the Aria Connector


After you enable quotes and set up your Salesforce profiles by completing the pre-installation steps, you should install the Aria Salesforce Connector by following the instructions in this article.

Installing the Aria Connector

  1. Log in to Salesforce as a System Administrator.
  2. In your browser's address bar, paste the Salesforce package URL provided to you by Aria Systems.
  3. Click Continue.

install the SF connector.png

  1. Select Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites.
  2. Click Continue.

install the SF connector 2.png

  1. Click Next.

install the SF connector 3.png

  1. Choose Select Security Settings.

install the SF connector 4.png

  1. Select the Aria Access Level that you want to associate with the two profiles that you created during the pre-installation process. These are:
  • Aria Standard User
  • Aria Admin User

Note: Completing this step will give you access to the two Aria profiles after the installation process.

  1. Select the Aria Access Level that you want to associate with any of your other Salesforce profiles.
  2. Click Next.

install the SF connector 5.png

  1. Click Install.

install the SF connector 6.png

This process may take some time. While the installation is in progress, you may see the below message:

install the SF connector 7.png

An email similar to the following generates after the installation is complete.

install the SF connector 8.png

After the installation is complete, a new entry on your App Menu called Aria Systems displays.

Note:  You may need to refresh your browser before the new entry displays.

install the SF connector 9.png

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