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The Aria SFDC SDK comprises the Aria Core APIs and the Aria Admintools APIs. These Aria SFDC SDKs are Apex wrappers around the Aria APIs that give a Salesforce developer easy access to the Aria APIs from within Salesforce. The SFDC connector needs to be installed to use the Apex-wrapped Aria APIs. The Aria SFDC SDK is built on the Force.com platform. Note that 64 out of about 150 Core APIs are wrapped. With these Aria SFDC Apex wrappers:

  • There is no need to explicitly make callouts to Aria’s system. The callouts are encapsulated as Apex classes that can be used out of the box. This makes custom development/configuration on Salesforce for integrating with Aria quicker, easier, and more seamless.
  • There is no need to parse and read responses from callouts made to Aria’s system. The response is encapsulated as Apex classes and methods. Users can quickly use the Apex class/methods of the SDK to read responses in SFDC format.

The methods in the SDK are named after the Aria API methods, making it easier to identify the SFDC method that should be used to make a callout to a specific Aria API method. The Aria SFDC SDK is included in the Aria SFDC connector. No special installation or configurations are required to install the Aria SFDC SDK. Once the user installs the Aria SFDC connector, the Aria SFDC SDK is available to the user in his or her Salesforce instance. Please see the Salesforce Installation and Configuration for more information.

Once the SFDC connector is installed, the following Apex classes list the Core and Admintools APIs that are currently available in the SFDC SDK. 

  • AriaServiceGeneral.cls
  • AriaAdminToolServiceGeneral.cls​

The Aria SFDC SDK does not include all of the Aria APIs. The Aria APIs are added to the SDK incrementally with every SFDC connector release.

Additional Help

Once Aria users install the SFDC connector, there are SDK help files available from within Salesforce’s help documentation (also below). The SDK help file static resource is a compressed file named "AriaSdkHelpDocs". You can navigate to SFDC and click on this static resource to view or download the compressed file.

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