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Aria For Salesforce SDK Implementation

Aria for Salesforce SDK Overview 

General Information 

  • The Aria for Salesforce SDK leverages the Salesforce Force.com platform.
  • SDKs apply to Salesforce Connector 1.0 and Aria for Salesforce 2. 
  • Call-outs are encapsulated as Apex classes that can be used "out of the box". You do not need to explicitly make call-outs to the Aria system or parse and read the responses. You can use the Apex class/methods of the SDK to read responses in Salesforce format.
  • The SDKs follow the naming convention of the Aria APIs, making it easy to match the SDK to the corresponding core Aria API method.
  • The Apex class AriaServiceGeneral.cls contains the SDK calls to use for the core Aria API suite.
  • Refer to the following document for the structure to use for input and return parameters:

To view the methods of the SDK:

  1. Open the class AriaServiceGeneral.cls.
  2. Click your User ID > Setup > App Setup > Develop > Apex Classes.
  3. Navigate to AriaServiceGeneral by clicking Next Page. Classes are in alphabetical order. 
  4. Click AriaServiceGeneral. All the methods of the SDK are listed.

Example: Use the SDK to build custom functionality in Salesforce 


  • Salesforce Connector 1.0 or Aria for Salesforce 2 is installed and configured. 
  • The account in Aria exists in Salesforce and has an account hierarchy in Aria.


Add a button to view account hierarchy from an account.


Create a New Apex Class

  1. Click your User ID > Setup > App Setup > Develop > Apex Classes. This is used as the controller class for the Visual Force page to display the account hierarchy. 

Apex Classes.png

  1. Click New

New Button Apex Classes.png 

  1.  Copy the appropriate code for your instance of Aria into the body of the Apex Class tab.

Paste Apex Class.png

  1. Click Save

Create a Visualforce Page

  1. Click your User ID > Setup > App Setup > Develop > Visualforce Page.
  1. Click New

New VF.png

  1. Enter the Visualforce label and name as "View_Account_Hierarchy". 

Note: The name must:

  • only contain underscores and alphanumeric characters  
  • begin with a letter
  • be unique
  • not include spaces, end with an underscore, or contain two consecutive underscores

Label and Name SF.png

  1. Copy the code from Visualforce Code - Salesforce SDK into the Visualforce Markup section.

Note: Delete the content between the <apex:component> tags prior to pasting.

Visualforce Page.png 

  1. Click Save

​Create a Custom Button

  1. ​​Click your User ID > Setup > App Setup > Customize > Accounts > Buttons, Links and Actions.
  2. Click New Button or Link

New Button .png

  1. Enter the label and the name as "Aria Account Hierarchy". The name is referenced as the API name of the button. 
  2. Under Display Type, select Detail Page Button.

Display Type.png

  1. Select Visualforce Page from the Content Source drop-down.

Content Source.png

  1. Select "ViewAccountHierarchy" from the Content drop-down.
  2. Click Save
  3. Click OK to close the pop-up.

Add Custom Button to Account Page Layout

  1. ​Click your User ID > Setup >  App Setup > Customize > Accounts > Page Layouts
  2. Edit Aria Admin Account Layout and Aria Standard Account Layout. These layouts are installed as part of the connector installation. You can add this custom button to any of your existing or new page layouts.
  3. Click Buttons.


  1. Drag the Aria Account Hierarchy button to the custom button area within the Account Detail section. 

Account Detail.png

  1. Click Save. The button now displays on Account pages.  
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