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Create Write-Offs or Dispute Holds


You can create a write-off or dispute holds against an existing account, as well as against an invoice for an existing account by following the steps below.

Creating Write-Offs or Dispute Holds

Getting Here: Click Account > Aria Payments and Credits

  1. Click the Aria Payments and Credits button on the account.

payments and credits.png

The Payments tab displays.

  1. Click the Write-Offs/Dispute Holds tab.

The write-off and dispute hold history is displayed in real time from Aria.

writeoff tab.png

  1. Select one of the following options from the top of the page:
  • Create Write-Offs (default option): The invoices against which write-offs can be applied display.
  • Create Dispute Hold: The invoices against which dispute holds can be applied display.
  1. Click an invoice to fill out the Write-Off or Dispute Hold form, depending on the selection made above.
  2. Fill out the applicable form (example below is for a write-off).

writeoff form.png

  1. Click the Create Write-Off or Create Dispute Hold button.

A Confirmation page displays.


  1. Review write-off or dispute hold.
  2. Click the Create Write-Off or Create Dispute Hold button on the Preview page to save the write-off or dispute hold to Aria.

If the write-off or dispute hold is saved successfully to Aria, the screen is refreshed to display the latest history, which includes the recently created write-off or dispute hold. If the write-off or dispute hold is not successfully saved, an error displays.

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