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Record Received Payments


From Salesforce, you can record your received payments and display your payment history by following the steps below.

Recording Received Payments

Getting Here: Click Account > Aria Payments and Credits

  1. Click the Aria Payments and Credits button on the Account.

payments and credits.png

The Payment tab displays.

  1. Click the Record Payment Received toggle.

payments tab 2.png

Note: Payments will be recorded in the currency code on file for the account.

  1. Enter any applicable CSR comments in the Additional CSR Comments field (optional).
  2. Enter a reference code that has not been previously used for the account in the Ref. Code field.
  3. Select one of the following options from the Payment Amount field:
  • Full Balance Due: Default option.
  • Other Amount: An input field displays. You must enter the desired payment amount.

payment amount.PNG

  1. Click the Post Payment button to review the payment information being submitted.

A payment information review screen displays.

  1. Review the payment information being submitted.

Note: You can click Cancel to return to the Payments tab.

  1. Click Post Payment to submit the payment information.

The payment history is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

payment history2.png

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