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Select Billing Options


You can select billing options for opportunities or quotes from the Billing Options form by following the steps below.

Selecting Billing Options

Getting Here: Select an opportunity or quote > click Add/Modify Plans > Billing Options

  1. Select one of the following statuses from the Account Status drop-down:
  • Active
  • Active Non-Billable
  • Active Pending
  • Active Trial
  • Active Unregistered
  • Inactive
  • Installation Pending
  • Permanent
  • Registered Pending Activation
  • Terminated
  • Terminate Pending

Billing Options1v2.png

  1. If the account has an alternate billing start date, select the Alternate Billing Start Date toggle and select the field to choose a start date.

Billing Options2v2.png

Note: The Alternate Billing Start Date field does not display if Active is chosen from the Account Status drop down.

  1. If the account has an alternate billing day, select the Alternate Billing Day toggle and select a day value from the drop-down.

Billing Options3v2.png

Note: The default billing option setting is None (No alternate start date or bill day) .

Editing Billing Options

Billing options can only be updated after a plan has been uploaded to Aria. To edit the billing options on a plan, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new opportunity.

Note: Instead of creating a new opportunity manually, you can click the Add/Modify Plans button on the original opportunity. This creates a duplicate of the opportunity, which is immediately available on the Opportunities tab.

  1. Click the Add/Modify Plans button on the newly created (or duplicated) opportunity.

Inputted information on the previously created opportunity displays by default.

  1. Fill in the plan's billing address in the Addresses form.
  2. Update any applicable plan information (units, supplemental plan information...etc.) in the All Plans form.
  3. Expand the Plan Billing Options form and make all applicable changes.

Billing Options1v2 4.png

  1. Click Commit or Save as Draft.
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