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Turning Off Plan Wizard Steps


The plan wizard can be customized to display or not display certain forms in the process by following the steps below.

Turn Off Plan Wizard Steps

Getting Here: Click All Tabs > Aria General Configurations > Screen Config tab

  1. Un-check the All Profile column of any screens that should not display on the plan wizard.

Note: If a screen is chosen to not display, the information will not have to be filled out during the plan wizard process. The screens that remain checked in the All Profile column will display for all user profiles.

screen config2vs.png

A Select Profile input field displays for any un-checked screens.

  1. Click the Select Profile field to select any user profiles that should display.

If the Select Profile field is left blank, the un-checked screen will not be visible to any users.

screen configv2.png

  1. Click Save Settings.
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