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Setting Up an Opportunity or Quote


After creating an opportunity or quote, you should complete all applicable forms in the plan wizard.

Note: The setup process is customizable by turning off specified plan wizard steps or inserting custom Visualforce pages.

Setting Up an Opportunity or Quote

The steps are the same for both an opportunity and a quote, although not all steps are required.

  1. Choose PriceBook
  2. Enter Addresses
  3. Select Subscription Plans from Aria
  4. Select Billing Options
  5. Choose One Time Products
  6. Enter Promotions
  7. Add Payment Method
  8. Complete Termed Agreements

The difference between an opportunity and a quote flow, within the Aria for Salesforce app, is that you can collect payment information and complete an opportunity by saving it to Aria, whereas you can save the quote and sync it to an opportunity. The payment information is collected from the opportunity when the opportunity is saved to Aria. The payment information collected from the opportunity is sent over to Aria real-time and is not stored in Salesforce.


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