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Import an Account from Aria into Salesforce


If you want to import an account that exists in Aria into Salesforce, complete the steps in this article.

Note: Before you can import an account from Aria into Salesforce, you must first obtain the desired account number from AdminTools.

Importing an Account from Aria into Salesforce

Getting Here: Click Accounts > New

  1. Type in the account information.

Required fields are marked in red.

  1. Type the Aria account number in the Aria ID field.

aria id field.PNG

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Refresh from Aria.

This refreshes all account data, including account details, account plans, account supplemental fields, contracts, coupons, orders, and payment method.

Note: If you synch an account from Aria that already exists in Salesforce, Aria will query for a pre-existing account with the same name. This prevents duplication of existing accounts.

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