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Salesforce Mobile App Custom Actions


Specific Custom Actions are available to display on your Account page layout within the Salesforce mobile app.

Salesforce Administrators will need to add Custom Actions to the appropriate page layouts (in the desired order) by using the standard Salesforce page layout editor on their desktop. Custom Actions added to a page layout are automatically displayed as Quick Actions in Salesforce1.

Click here for instructions on how to enable mobile users to access Salesforce through the mobile app.

Available Custom Actions

Custom actions that can be added to the Account page layout include the following:

  • Refresh from Aria Click to refresh all account data, including account details, account plans, account supplemental fields, contracts, coupons, orders, and payment method.
  • Plan Hierarchy - Click to allow the plan hierarchy to display within the Salesforce mobile app.
  • Refresh Aria Transactions Click to pull transaction records (transactions, statements, comments, payments, refunds, invoices, etc.) on-demand. This sync is also included in the "AriaBatchAccountDetailsUpdaterScheduler" job. Additionally, these transaction records are pulled in real-time when an account is created in Salesforce and is pushed to Aria via the Commit button.
  • Quick ViewClick to see an account summary based on transaction records pulled from Aria. Only the components that are configured to be shown will display. Please refer to the Account Quick View article for how to configure Quick View sections.

Note: The Refresh Aria Transactions and Quick View actions will only display if the Sync Aria Transactions to SFDC Objects setting is turned on.

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