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Enable Salesforce Mobile App


You can download the Salesforce mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Salesforce Administrative users can enable mobile users to access Salesforce through the mobile browser app by following the steps below.

Administrators can also set specific Custom Actions to display on the Account page layout within the Salesforce mobile app.

Enabling Mobile Users to Access Salesforce through the Mobile App

Getting Here: Click Setup > Mobile Administration > Salesforce1 > Settings

mobile settingsv2.png

  1. Select the Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app checkbox.

app settingsv2.png

  1. Click Save.

When the mobile browser app is enabled, individual users can turn off the Salesforce1 redirection for themselves in one of the following places:

  • From the navigation menu in the mobile browser app, by tapping Full Site.
  • Within the full site, by deselecting the Salesforce1 User checkbox from either My Settings, Personal, Advanced User Details or Setup, My Personal Information, or Personal Information.

Please refer to the "Setup the App for Your Users" section within the Administrative Rollout Guide for more instruction.

 See Salesforce Mobile App Custom Actions for additional configuration options for the Salesforce mobile app.

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