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Map Aria Supplemental Fields to Salesforce Account Fields


You can map your supplemental fields created in Aria to account fields in Salesforce. To find your Aria supplemental fields: Log in to AdminTools > click Control Panel > Supplemental Fields.

Note: The Aria for Salesforce app supports mapping only string fields in Aria to string fields in Salesforce.

Mapping Aria Supplemental Fields to Salesforce Account Fields

  1. Click Aria API Configurations.

map aria1.png

  1. Click your current API configuration.

map aria2.png

  1. Click New Aria Supplemental Field Mapping.

map aria3.png

  1. Do not edit the Aria API Configuration field. This field is pre-populated with the name of your current API configuration
  2. Enter your Aria Supplemental Field Name.
  3. Select the Account Field in Salesforce to which your Aria supplemental field should be mapped.
  4. Click Save.

map aria4.png

Your supplemental field mapping is added to your list of Aria Supplemental Field Mappings as shown below:

map aria5.png

  1. Repeat Steps 3-7 above for each additional Aria supplemental field that you want to map to an account field in Salesforce.
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